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Medical & Immunizations

keep your child's immunizations & MEDICAL FORMS current 

School IMMUNIZATION Requirements

Students entering school must get the required doses listed in the chart linked below to be in compliance with immunization requirements. The requirements follow the national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Immunization Schedule with requirements specified by grade level.

For more information about required immunizations, go to the Washington State Department of Health.

Medically verified immunization records are required for schools to prove immunity. Immunization records now need to be printed from the Immunization Information System (ISS) or My Immunization Record (MyIR) or have additional verification.

Medically verified records include one of the following:

  • A Certificate of Immunization (CIS) printed from the Immunization Information System (IIS)
  • A physical copy of the CIS form with a healthcare provider signature
  • A physical copy of the CIS with accompanying medical immunization records from a healthcare provider verified and signed by school staff
  • A CIS printed from MyIR  - This is a free state Department of Health online tool that allows families to view and print their official immunization records.


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